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Herbal head lice solution

Head lice infestation is a very unpleasant skin condition. Head lice and nits often cause a lot of frustration. Anybody can catch head lice and they are difficult to get rid of. Many people are disillusioned with the chemical head lice treatments as they contain pesticides or other harsh chemicals and many of them, despite their ambitious claims, are ineffective.. If they worked well, many manufacturers would not keep “upgrading” their products with ever stronger ingredients. In this situation increasing amounts of parents are looking at alternative, more natural ways of protecting their children from head lice and nits.

DELACET is safe, easy to use and extremely effective natural head lice product suitable for the whole family and all hair types. This outstanding solution for head lice and nits has been used by millions of people in Europe over the last 50 years.

Unlike many products (natural or chemical) DELACET eradicates lice and nits. It is a dual action flower extract known for its outstanding properties and used successfully for decades. Laboratory trials have proven its extraordinary effectiveness after just one application. DELACET is not a shampoo and is very different from many products available on the market because:

  • It kills lice and their eggs (nits)
  • It is prepared from the best quality native European plants
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • It does not require detection or prolonged combing
  • Easy wash out formula (no combing, no pain and no tears!)
  • It is suitable for all hair types including permed, coloured, Afro hair and dreadlocks
  • It has disinfecting and conditioning properties
  • It is quick, simple and safe to use by the whole family
  • It is easy to apply and very easy to rinse out
  • It has decades long proven record of effectiveness
  • It is a patented formula and registered trademark and carries the CE mark
  • produced to the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards
  • awarded ISO 9001 and 9002– very few natural products are
  • It has not been tested on animals
  • It is suitable for vegans
  • It keeps for up to 3 years even after opening
  • It is packed in fully recyclable materials

DELACET is prepared with great care to very high standards and the whole process takes 2 months. It is a tincture of Larkspur and acetic acid (vinegar). It is well known that tinctures (alcohol extracts of plants) are an extremely effective way of preserving the goodness of herbs.

DELACET has been available on the NHS in the UK since November 2001 when Prescription Pricing Authority (PPA) started receiving first prescriptions for our formula (unprecedented recognition for a natural product).

DELACET has been named the Best Head Lice Product by Prima magazine, September 2003 and it is still one of the best and most effective head lice formulations on the market.

Head Lice - facts and fiction

How to use DELACET

Apply Delacet generously to dry hair and scalp. Pin up hair if long. Wear an old shower cap to protect your skin and clothes from solution dripping. Leave it on for 2-3 hours, then rinse thoroughly and detangle in the usual way. Shampoo hair if required. In case of a sensitive scalp a skin patch test somewhere on the scalp is advisable prior to application. A nit-comb may be used for detection if you wish. In case of heavy infestation a second application a week later might be beneficial.

DELACET is a tincture so it is runny like water. How much you need to use depends on the volume of hair treated. As a rough guide, please note that 3 little boys with short hair will require one bottle, but a girl with longer or thicker hair will need more solution. One way of judging how much Delacet is needed is to use a small bottle or a measuring jug and see how much water is required to make all hair wet. That will be an indication of how much solution should be purchased. If in doubt please contact us for an advice.


For external use only (if swallowed seek medical advice immediately). Avoid contact with eyes. Wash off splashes from the face with plenty of water. Do not use on broken or inflamed scalp or if allergic to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. Not recommended for children under 6 yrs, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers (new EU guidelines for all head lice products). Not to be used simultaneously with shampoo. In rare cases a skin irritation may occur or slight temporary discolouration of bleached or grey hair. Small children with shower caps should not be left unattended. Keep out of reach of children and away from naked flames. Store below 25°C. Use by sell by date. Delacet does not affect your ability to drive or operate machinery.

DELACET is a long awaited child-friendly "green" alternative formula, which puts parents in control and takes a lot of pain and frustration away – all the goodness of nature at your disposal.

DELACET has been tested on volunteers by many health magazine editors and writers. To read what they concluded please go to “What the papers say” page. DELACET has also been independently tested (with great results!) by the doctors at the clinic in Minnesota, USA.

We get many “Thank you” letters, e-mails and phone calls from people who used DELACET and managed to get their quality of life back. We are delighted that we could help so many and we greatly appreciate all the words of support we receive. Thank you.

The information on this website is for the benefit of the public. We are happy to share our own experience and the unique insight into the head lice problem gained as a result of direct dealings with the thousands of sufferers. However, please do not copy it without acknowledgement. Thank you.

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