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Beautiful, thick and healthy looking hair has always been believed to be the indication of good health. In recent years it has been proven beyond doubt that there is a close link between the general state of health and the condition of hair. So, to take care of your health is to take care of your hair.

There are many causes of poor hair condition and hair loss in men, women and children. They can be divided into “internal” and “external” factors. Internal, such as: poor diet (nutritional deficiency), stress, hormone imbalance, illness, medication or major surgery, genetic patterns, aging process and external, such as: damaging hair care practices, chemical ingredients in hair care products, poor hygiene, disease, pollution.

Some hair problems are only temporary and can be fairly easily resolved but some may require a long term approach. Whatever the concern, it is best to address the internal and external causes of such a problem.

To improve the condition of hair, it is essential to provide the skin and hair roots with the right nutrients. Many hair treatments contain potentially harmful chemical ingredients. They are absorbed by the hair and the skin, which are both weakened in the long term. Such products provide a short term, superficial improvement by coating hair in silicone like substances. They do not get to the bottom of a problem nor provide a long term solution.


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