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Size: 100ml


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Many independent health food stores, alternative clinics and chemists sell DELACET.

Any chemist trading with AAH (including Lloyds Pharmacy, in-store pharmacy at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Superdrug can obtain DELACET. It is very important to quote the following product codes while ordering:
DEL400J, PIP268-0205 (please give them to the pharmacist). Also any chemist trading with Alliance Healthcare (including Boots) can get DELACET promptly

DELACET has been available on the NHS since November 2001 when Prescription Pricing Authority (PPA) started accepting first prescriptions. Since then doctors have been prescribing it successfully to their patients. DELACET is not listed in BNF because it is not a chemical compound but the herbal formulation.

We are often asked why such an effective product like DELACET isn’t widely available - because it is too cheap and too effective! We are being told again and again by pharmaceutical wholesalers and chemists that there is no need for a product like ours. Why? Because it is too effective! Any product that works is only beneficial for the patient and not the viable business option for the pharmaceutical industry obsessed with profit. It’s not the health of patients which matters but how much money can be made on “improving” their condition. People do not spend money on medicines if they are well. This may sound cynical but in a profit driven health industry is hardly surprising. However, there are many pharmacists who have the integrity and the well-being of their customers at heart (rather than a profit margin) and they recommend and stock our formula.

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