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Head Lice - facts and fiction


I have just used the above product on my granddaughter having used every product stocked in pharmacies, our GP has prescribed treatments and we have also purchased an expensive electronic nit comb. This problem has controlled our lives since she started infants last September and we were on the verge of having her beautiful long, thick hair cut when my sister attended a Natural Products Fair and purchased Delacet. We are staggered by the result after using it last night. The bath was literally full of dead lice and nits and they continued to fall during brushing and drying. We simply must have more! Can you e-mail any stockists in Cardiff, Wales or can we buy on-line? We would also be interested in any shampoo or conditioner repellent.

Thank you, regards, Mrs G M



We recently had our 31/2 year grandchild Blythe to stay with us.
Straight from pre-school she soon began to scratch her head and my inspection revealed the dreaded "head lice"
A younger neighbour and mother recommended a natural product called DELACET.
I got a bottle thro the internet @£8.99 plus £1 pp which arrived the next day.I discovered that it is available on doctors prescription if you ask for it. Chemists also sell it over the counter.
One application and I could see the dead lice and eggs washed away and Blythe was cured. No combing no tears. It worked.
I would recommend Delacet to any parent and only wish more local chemists particularly Boots and Sainsbury would stock it. We want to treat the problem immediately not have to wait a couple of days or be fobbed off with some Industrial Solution!

Mrs K W


It has been some time since I last contacted you by email regarding the Delacet product. I have finally had the opportunity to try the product with several people with active lice and I have been very impressed with the results. I don’t know if you are still looking for a US distributor but we would be very interested in discussing this with you. My husband and I are starting a nutrition company and will be set up for warehousing and shipping product very soon. For most people, waiting for the product to ship from the UK seems like an eternity when your child has lice. I think it would be great to have a distributor here so people in the US could obtain the product quickly.
Please let me know what your thoughts are on this

Dr M N

i have 5 kids and have tried just about everything on the market and at best have only ever been able to keep it under control until now.
my kids are now lice free it was as you said so easy to use i left it on over night washed their hair in the morning that was it they were all gone
i have just order 3 more bottles of Delacet 2 to give to a friend and one to use as a spray just to make sure the little monsters (lice not kids )don't come back
thank you so much

mrs c o

Dear Madam

I am delighted that at last I have found a product that does what it claims to do, and it is natural. Delacet has worked wonderfully on my daughter’s and my nephew’s hair and we ar, at last, nit free! It is always a worry to put chemicals on my family’s hair but Delacet has taken that worry away.

I found your company, Healthpol, to be very helpful on the telephone and the product was quickly despatched. More recently a member of staff went to great lengths to ensure Delacet was available to me at a local Healthfood shop.

Thank you for the service you provide. I will certainly share my knowledge with other families suffering the nuisance of head lice!

Yours sincerely
Mrs J H

Just want to say thanks for your product.

I needed 4 bottles to completely cover my dreadlocks. I then used 1 bottle a week later on the scalp. The head lice are gone and my dreads are saved! Other products I used over the counter wouldn't kill the eggs but Delacet did.


Your stuff is's the only thing that works I'm now dosing all my 2 daughters friends!

Having managed to avoid any contact with these pests until my children were 3,5,7 and 9 - we now cannot get rid of them!! My 7 year old daughter now goes to a school where lice seem to be as accepted as muddy knees after football! Many parents simply comb their kids a couple of times a week when they remember and that is it! Needless to say we get on top of them and they come back! Having used all the different treatments I found delacet by accident and tried that recently and it was magic by comparison!!(I recommend it to all)
many thanks, T H

Dear Healthpol

I am writing to say how much I appreciate Delacet.
I recommend it to anyone who comes to me with this problem - not only is it simple to use and effective - but it does not have a risk of toxic effects. We have used it in my own family with very direct effect.
We hope that everyone gets to know about it, to make the world a slightly
better place!
Mrs R M.
Nutritional Therapist

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to you about your product Delacet. My wife and I were amazed at how good your product worked on our 8 children. This is the first time we have used Delacet. This was due to an advert in a school magazine. We can not believe how well it worked the only drawback is we have a 24 mile round trip to purchase the product. Could you please tell me if you supply any chemists in the Chelmsford area or could I possibly purchase it direct from you.
I look forward to hearing from you

My gp recommended your product, but it does not appear to be available on nhs. My pharmacist has tried to order for me but is unable to find any uk stockist. Can you help, my 6 year old daughter is constantly infected despite using all kinds of products. Are there any uk stockists or can i order directly from you.
s n

we have just used your product and I’m very pleased with the results,. thank you

I was recommended your product and have used it once and found it very effective but now i cant seem to find it in the shops.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to say thank you for your wonderful product Delacet.
My daughter has used every product available on the market to try and clear her little girl’s hair of these nasty pests, to no avail. She used Delacet and was amazed with the result, the lice were all dead and the eggs just brushed out. Her daughter’s hair is quite long and very curly which has made it difficult to remove all the eggs with a nit comb, but this lotion has made it so easy and no pain with a nit comb.
I must also say the little girl has Eczema and Delacet did not irritate her scalp or cause any problem at all. Once again thank you.
Yours sincerely
Mrs H E

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that we were absolutely delighted with Delacet. It worked with just one treatment and, it’s good to know that it’s a natural treatment.
Mr T A, Spain

Dear Healthpol

After purchasing your Delacet head lice solution I felt I had to write to say how fantastic this product is.
My grand-daughter has had a problem for several years and she is now free. To find a herbal product to solve this problem was just great. I have told several friends about Delacet. Thank you once again.
Yours faithfully
Mrs P A B

Dear Healthpol,

Thank you so much for your wonderful product. As a mother of five school aged children I had despaired at ever finding a product which could deal safely with this plague of modern day biblical proportions!

Two of my daughters have asthma and can't use many of the products available at the moment, most of which seem utterly incapable of dealing with the strains of head lice now infesting schools in any case!

So a big thank you for my four daughters and I who have long hair for your very prompt and courteous service and a product which works!

Mrs E L-G

Thank you once again for the Delacet product. My 6 year old daughter caught head lice whilst at school where there has been a major problem. After 3 months of trying many different ways of treating them ranging from combing them out with a special comb, using different shampoos and then as a last resort chemical based products, we have failed to get rid of them.
I then saw an article in a magazine recommending Delacet. I ordered some from you and after applying the lotion to the hair they disappeared. It not only kills the lice but also their eggs. It was a great relief to find something that was a natural product and therefore not harmful to my child and that actually works. I have and will continue to recommend Delacet to my GP, school, friends and family

Yours sincerely

Mrs R M

My daughter came home the other week from her new school with a letter saying there was head lice going around. Sure enough when I checked there were some nits in her hair. I just poured the Delacet on , gripped her hair up and left it for the stated couple of hours.. We then rinsed it out and everything was gone. No combing or anything. It is the easiest and most effective treatment I have ever used for head lice and being the mother of 6 I have tried some treatments in my time.

It is a brilliant product and I shall tell all the mums I meet about it.

Mrs A M

hey, i live in mexico and have dreads , i got lice because i went to brazil and everyone tells me your product is the best! i need to get it urgently, can you send it to me PLEASE? how can i get it?! please answer soon
thanks a lot

Dear Sirs,
I am a grandmother of 4 grandchildren , in the last two years we have had a problem with head lice in the 4 children’s hair , that is on going. Just this year alone we have spent over $600.00 on nix and other products and the problem still constant. Please let me be a supplier of this great product! We have not used it ourselves but have talked to many people that have. We would be more than thankful for this product to available in out town. thanking you in Advance.
yours truly Mrs D T, Ontario

I am trying to find a stockist of your wonderful herbal head lice solution. I have managed to get it at Holland and Barrett until now as they have told me they have discontinued ordering it. I live in Clifton Bedfordshire and my nearest town is Biggleswade. Is there anywhere locally that can supply me with it. Many Thanks, Mrs.S R

Dear Delacet,
I wanted to tell you how impressed we have been with the Delacet head lice product, it is absolutely brilliant. It is the only product we have found that actually kills not only the head lice but just as importantly the nit eggs as well, making it a much more effective and longer lasting treatment. Also, we refuse to use chemical products, especially any containing organophosphates, on our children or ourselves, so this makes your product the only effective treatment on the market today. Thank you for making this product available in the U.K., we wouldn't want to be without it!
Yours gratefully,
Mrs E. L

I am a school nurse in upstate New York in the US and have seen an increase in headlice, especially chronic cases. I worry about the over use of chemical treatments on these young children, not to mention they are not very effective.

How/where can your product be purchased?
Thanks, J M

Hi there,
sorry its taken me so long to get back to you Thanks so much for all your help and good luck with your product for the future as I think its fantastic. Good will prevail!!!!!
Best regards

Hi i run my own organic shop and bought your brilliant product at olympia london just used it on my children what a result please could you let me know how to purchase delacet for trade as i would love to stock it look forward to hearing from you
Mrs H G

We did have occasion to use the Delacet a while ago on my other half's daughter. It worked really well. However, they have returned! I would like to obtain some more, but first would like to know if you would be able to supply it wholesale to me in France, for resale to my private patients, etc.
Please let me know if you are able to do so. Kind regards Mr S P
Dear Sir or madam,

Thank you for your wonderful product I have had to use it many times and found it to be totally effective each time.

My children’s school seems to have a problem with lice, there is at least one family with three children in school who seem to constantly re-infect everyone else. The Headmistress is aware of the situation and is very frustrated by it. Apparently it is against the law for her to even say there is a case of nits in the school let alone suggest to an individual parent that they treat their child. I am considering starting up a parent lead anti nit campaign. I would like to be able to offer your product to everyone is it possible to purchase it at trade prices if I buy in bulk? Do you have any other suggestions about how to tackle this problem before I wade in with my size nines?

Many thanks M D

We recently bought some of your product for our daughter’s hair and were thoroughly impressed. Nothing else we tried has worked.
On your web sight you say to contact you if we are interested in supplying Delacet for our area. What and how would we go about it? We live in Oklahoma USA. It cost me more to ship the stuff than it actually cost. I believe it would sell good here tho, once it became known. It is an excellent product.
Let us know,

I have heard how great your product is but i am having difficulty buying it in Australia.
I am interested in distributing your product Australia wide as we have discovered none of the Australian products seem to work effectively.

Kind Regards

( mother of two school age children )

Dear Healthpol

I am so pleased to have found your product. It has taken away the stress of the endless combing of both my daughters' long thick hair. The treatment also leaves the hair in wonderful condition.

Your processing of my order was very swift and efficient too.

Thank you for all your help.


As you are probably aware, we have begun to stock Delacet and since September have sold almost 100 bottles! We are actively promoting the product and have removed all other head lice products from our shelves. In our town, I feel that we are making good progress with re-educating parents and have one GP practice now prescribing Delacet in preference to anything else!
Many thanks
Mrs R W, Pharmacist

Firstly thank you for the prompt dispatch of Delacet. Having suffered an infestation picked up at the hair dresser's, I tried a well known chemical treatment much advertised, which proved to be utterly useless. That I suffer from eczema of the scalp only made matters worse.

Looking across the Internet for some other form of treatment, I found Delacet and your website.

I applied it immediately and 3 hours later the results were frankly quite incredible. The infestation is almost gone, and within such a short period of time. And you do not need to scrape the scalp or hair with a fine come!

I expect the head to be clear in two days time, but I intend too apply Delacet each morning after showering to ensure there is no recurrence.
I cannot recommend Delacet highly enough.

Please note. I am in no way associated with Healthpol nor am I a "Green Fanatic." I can only pass on what it did for me.

Thanks again,


Dear Delacet folks,
I've been using Delacet for 4 yrs now on both my kids and I happily vouch for it (quite often!). So much so that a friend who distributes for pharmaceuticals asked me find out how to get it here to Argentina, hence I'm finally getting in touch. I moved from the UK to Argentina last year, and I've been bringing my own supplies over since.

So, please let me know how you work and we can take it from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,

Dear Sirs

I recently discovered Delacet whilst on holiday in Cornwall. Having two primary school aged children, I have had to purchase many different nit-busting remedies over the years, but have found your product to be the best one yet. Could you please advise whether anyone stocks Delacet in the Banbury area
With thanks

Yours faithfully

Just a note to say that the Delacet faired well in our tests and will be included in our Feb edition. I wondered if you might be able to send high res images of the product to me at this email address please?

With many thanks for all your help with this feature,

Editor, The Green Parent magazine

I have just used Delacet on my step-daughter's hair. They have successfully eradicated all the live lice (thank you!). S R

I think this is a wonderful product. I am interested in purchasing for myself to have on hand ( I never want my family to suffer again!). Is this also something you sell by the case for redistribution? thanks. Melynda

I have ordered from the UK and been very happy with your product.
I would like to place an order, Why haven't I been able to find Delacet in the US?

Thank you, A H

Dear Sir/ Madam
I purchased Delacet last year in my local chemist and it worked wonders for getting rid of head lice, nothing else has. since that i cannot find it anywhere and i would like to purchases some A.S.A.P.
If you could let me know how to do so i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanking You, S C (Desperate Mother)

I use Delacet and I find it very effective. However the only thing that doesn't work well is the application as it tends to run down your head and waste a lot of the product. I find that if you decant some of it into a spray bottle, it coats the hair more evenly and there is less waste. Perhaps this could be a suggestion for long and thick hair and dreadlocks

I have just used Delacet & it's great!
I also printed out your very useful information so thanks for providing that!
Just wanted to tell you that it has saved me the cycle of the headlice issue & I have ordered more to use as a repellent - great advice! Thanks agai , Kate

I am SO disappointed that it’s not available here because my friend swears by it. Another friend is going to buy me some when she returns home to London for a visit next month. Well, please let me know if you get distribution in the USA because I would LOVE to help promote it. There is a school in our district which is having such a problem getting rid of the lice, and I feel so frustrated. They are having a professional come to the school and check all the kids, and then the kids’ parents can hire the woman to comb their children…can you imagine if they all just used your product?


I am a mother of four young children and live in central Minnesota, USA.I have had the pleasure of using your Delacet product in the past and am very interested in purchasing a few bottles of it. Also after
reading through your web site I am also interested in purchasing a bottle of Herbacet. Please provide me with more information as to how I would be able to purchase your products. Thank you, M L

I am interested in getting 4-6 or more bottles shipped to me. What is the cost for it plus shipping? We think the product is great. Thanks. M S

Hi! I have used your product very successfully on my children, unfortunately, my youngest child has been re-infected and I need to buy a further supply. Can you tell me where the nearest stockist is as my local healthstore has closed down. I live in Sheffield. Regards, Alison

I have heard that your product will be discontinued. Is this correct? Will you get your product back on the market when you sort out your issues? It is the only lice treatment that really works and I will be very disappointed if it not available anymore. Thanks. L R

I was wondering how the problem was going over the packaging of Delacet?
I have emailed you instead of bothering you on the phone hope this is OK.
I have many people waiting to buy Delacet and will place an order for 100 as soon as possible and this could possibly be 200 bottles. If it will not be too much of the problem perhaps you could email when you are ready to sell Delacet again.

Dear Delacet...I love your product and wish to use it as a deterrent after a recent infestation (I'm still itching)....Trouble is I'm finding it extremely difficult to locate any....Are you able to supply me direct or perhaps you have a record of stockists (with stock) in my area: East Grinstead.

Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards,


I've used Delacet in the past and it has been extremely effective, but for the life of me I cannot find anywhere that sells it anymore. Could you please advice me where I can get hold of more of your product? Thanks. Toni

Hi-I am a public health nurse for Berwickshire schools. I received an e mail via the school about your product-I have recently been on a group bringing out new guidelines re head lice in our Scottish borders schools-but was not aware of your product. I would dearly love some of my parents to try it locally to see lf it is as good as you say it is-I'm sure many of my frustrated parents (who are plagued with head lice) would love to try it. looking forward to hearing from you cheers. j f

Dear Sirs.
I used, the last days, Delacet for my son, and it was really good. I get a bottle of Delacet throw a english friends, but they boot in London. My question is if I can buy Delacet in Spain, more exactly in Barcelona? Is that possible? (I'm sorry for my english!). Sincerely. J S


My daughter is afro-caribean, and you seem to have the best solution to keep her nice dreadlocks and kill the lice.
Is there any place I can buy your product in Belgium? Preferable Gent?

Kind regards, G B

My name is Magda, i have a 3 years son, and hes going to a school in the mountain, almos every month, he comes back from school with nits, me and him get infected all the time, and its really dificult to take
nits and eggs out.2 month ago, a friend brought me your magic Delacet, and was the only thing that worked..
i would like to order some botles, but im not sure i can do it from spain. i hope you can help us.

best regards, and sorry for my basic english. m r

please could you e-mail info on stockiest in my area, I have heard of your product and would like to try it out, I have three girls who are coming home from school with about 10-15 adult lice most evenings I am at my wits end with the constant treatments that fall short of the desired effect, and the hourly long conditioning of each head. i am gratefully for your time. my post code is ..which is Middlesex, any surrounding areas would be gratefully appreciated

Thank you
Jacquie Bower

Hi - I have been recommended to try your product after rave reviews from friends, and have been interested to learn that I can also use it as a repellant (a godsend with four girls!) My question is that since our school seem to have a real problem with headlice and obvioulsy SOME of us are trying very hard to rid our children of them, repeating the treatment at some point may become necessary. How often can the repeat treatments be made? Will they become immune to it as they seem to have with other herbal remedies that I have tried?

Many thanks

Mrs S I

I bought a bottle of Delacet at an Exhibition about nine months ago - I've just used it with excellent results but I've lost the address of the distributor.
Can you help please ?
Thanks, K A

Hi folks

Further to previous e-mails this is just to say that we were very impressed with Delecet which seems to have done everything that it is claimed to do. My Grandson is free of unwanted 'guests'.

Happy Christmas

Dear Delacet,
I would like to purchase enough of your herbal headlice treatment to treat my family of six people. I did phone you and you advised me to go to my doctor, however he would not prescribe the treatment for me and gave me full marks which has sat on my shelf because I could not bring myself to put such a dangerous mixture on my children.
Kindest Regards

I was wondering if you have any leaflets I can hand out at my children's school as the school seems completely uninterested in doing anything regarding headlice even though the kids there are riddled with it. A B

I would like to order two bottles of delacet. I have used it before and it was excellent. I need this order as soon as possible, please come back to me as soon as possible. D G


I used Delacet with my son about 6 months ago, with great success. Unfortunately, he has caught them again and I should like to order some. I shall probably need 2 bottles. If, by any chance, you have kept a record of my visa card no. please could you send straight away to Devon. Alternatively please email me a telephone contact no. Thanks. N B

Thank you for all your help and support. After much foot stomping this morning, I managed to get my Doctor to prescribe Delacet - this afternoon I will tackle the chemist. It is a Vantage chemist so I should have no
problem. Once the Doctor had prescribed Delacet he then actually asked me to report back to him on how well it works and how to use it! Needless to say I left him with an abundance of information that I had printed from your website. Mrs E C.

Dear Delacet

I have used Delacet with success in the past, but I am no longer able to obtain it from my former supplier (business folded). Can you please let me know where I can buy this product in Dublin or Leinster area? A Mc C

Hello, I purchased Delacet a few weeks ago. It worked wonderfully. Last time I paid via paypal, is that still available? I am interested in helping others discover this wonderful product. Please let me know if I can distribute it. Thank you


Can you tell me if Delacet is still available please? I used to get it thru my doctor on prescription but recently they told me it was not available and gave me something else for the children. It is nowhere near as good! What I like about Delacet is that it is a one-off treatment and you know the lice are gone. Even though the kids disliked having to have a bag on their heads for a couple of hours, they now realise how well it worked. Thank you. B S
Hello there

I have used Delacet for my childrens hair to get rid of head lice and its the best thing ever, but now it seems to be out of stock everywhere and I am desperate as my children have caught the buggers again and I had to return to use the conditioner and comb method. Could you please tell me if Delacet is coming back any time soon?

Many thanks
A desperate mum


Please let me know why I can't seem to buy this anywhere any more? It's brilliant and I really want to get some more. HELP!

Dear Healthpol
I have used your fantastic product in the past but am dismayed to learn I can no longer buy it in the UK. Every stockist is out of stock for the forseable future. Is there any way I can get hold of some Yours sincerely

Please please please can you tell me when your product will be available again?
We have really thick hair and your product is amazing for us - saves us loads of time, when those awful infestations come around.



Hello - So pleased to hear that you are still in business!. Look forward to using your product again as it does work well.




I've been using your great product on my kids for a couple of years, but can't find it any more at the local health food shop. Please give contact of where I can find it in the Uk.
Many thanks,

Dear Customer Liaison Dept,

Is Delacet available in the Uk again yet? We have had to treat our hair every 2-3 weeks for the last two months, where as we used to find a single Delacet treatment sorted it out ...

Please let me know as soon as it is available again in the UK. Many thanks. J B

Good morning
I bought some Delacet a few years ago and it worked brilliantly. We haven't had a case of lice/nits since. How can I get a bottle quickly? My daughter is off the Germany on Wednesday and I need to
treat her before then.

please email since I will be at work from 8.30 today. with thanks, Susan

I used to buy a box of 50 bottles of your wonderful Delacet directly from you. I am having difficulty finding the product on line, its showing unavailability. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you are still trading. Its the only product that works.

Many thanks, E W

To whom it may concern:

I purchased Delacet 5 years ago from your company for my husband and I and our 2 year old son, and your product worked magnificently. Currently, we have had another outbreak, and I immediately ordered some more of the product for use on myself, my 7 yr old, 3 yr old, and 2 yr old. We all have dreadlocks and would really like to keep them, and from prior experience know that Delacet is our only hope.
Thank you, L F

thanks so much, have been trying to locate this brilliant stuff for ages!! K S

Hi there,

I've used Delacet when we had a huge lice outbreak and it worked so well that I bought 4 more bottles. Just in case.
Do you have a stockist in Australia or perhaps a distributor?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi there,

I used your product in 2004 on my children with great success, but am now living in China and there is an infestation of head lice at the school here. Is there anyone in China who stocks your product or can you deliver to me here? I have a feeling that this is going to be difficult to treat in the community as the general consesus here is to chop a few inches off the length of hair (?!).
I'd appreciate a quick response!

Kind regards,



I am wanting to purchase some Delacet to treat my daughters and myself. It is truly the only product that works. Are there any suppliers in Australia? Otherwise is there some way I can order maybe 4 or so bottles from your company?
Thank you in advance, Louise

I'm a teacher in New York City and we constantly have children with lice. My neighbor swears your product rid his dreadlocks of lice so I'd love to get your product and tell the parents I teach about it.
Thanks, S B

Hi, researching products to get rid of nits i came across a lady on a chat like server, who recommended your product however I live in New Zealand and have not seen or even heard of it.. so is there anywhere here that stocks it? Or do i need to buy online?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the products here have let me down time and time again and i need something that actually works!!! Many Thanks, E H

I continually buy your product, bought it before I had dreadlocks and now it is the only thing I use on myself or my children when their schools have lice outbreaks. I would be interested in possibly being a distributor. Could I get some more information if this is even possible? K K

I am a School Nurse in the Wigan Lancashire area and wondered if you have any information or samples that I could use for demonstration for parents. I have used Delacet for my own child and thought it was wonderful but I am unable to find any anywhere.
Thanking you in Anticipation, H B

Can you please tell me where to get hold of some Delacet?! I have searched the 'net and every site seems to be out of stock. Please don't tell me that you've stopped making it! My sanity depends on it!
Many thanks, D M

Just curious to see if your product is still available? Can't find it anywhere online (All out of stock). Has this been discontinued, and if so do you know of any other treatment as effective that you could point me in the direction of. Sad if it has been discontinued as it is a great product.
Thanks for your time. Brian

Could you possible give me a list of stockists in the north somerset area? I have been unable to find any yet and there is nothing that has worked as well as this product. I would really appreciate this. Many many thanks
Kind Regards, E K

Hi dear delacet people,
i am the nit nurse of small rather alternative farm school. Nits seem to be going round and round in circles so I advised the other parents to treat the effected children before the term begins but it seems almost impossible to buy the lotion. Can you help me? I even would buy a bulk order of it.
Thank you
Kind regards,

Could you please tell me where I can buy Delacet. I have used this product before and it works so well. But now I can't seem to get it anywhere.
Please could you help. Can I buy it directly from you ?

Best wishes, L N

Can I order some Delacet from you-I think it's a brilliant product but my health food store has stopped stocking it. Please let me know if you take debit cards or not or would you prefer a cheque.

Thanks in advance

Is it true this is delacet is now discontinued? If not where can I buy some as nobody has any. If true- why is this as it's great. Thanks. Helen

2 bottles seems to have done the trick! I'm going to keep an extra couple of bottles ready for emergencies now!
Thanks for your amazing product!

I spoke to you some months ago about Delacet, and when we were likely to see the return of this fab product. There seems to be a major headlice epidemic and I wondered if you had got any further with your packaging issues as there are a lot of families out here desperate to get our hands on it again.
Kind regards

I would like to order/buy some bottles of Delacet. I used to buy it from our local health food shop and it proved to be extremely effective. They no longer stock it so I am contacting you direct.
I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes L B


Is there any where I can get this in the UK please please?

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please help. I know your product has been taken off the market for re-packaging reasons, but it has been for some time now. We are desperate - my daughter and I have such thick hair - we just cannot eliminate the infestation completely with other products. So fed up.
Your product is the only one, which some 4 years ago worked wonders.
Can you advise if your product is indeed coming back on to the market, or have the pharmaceutical companies been able to get their way and eliminate the competition completely by closing you down?

Yes, cynical and desperate!
If you are not bringing the product back on to the market, please advise and I will give up and find something else!
Many thanks for a great, effective and safe product.

To whom it may concern,

I am desperately trying to buy a few bottles of Delacet to help combat the head lice that have decided to camp in my children's hair for the Summer. Can you please let me know how I can buy 3 or 4 bottles of it as soon as possible. It is the only treatment that has worked and I really need some more.

With many thanks

Mrs A M


hello i am looking for around 10 bottles but cant seem to buy from your website?
i live in the UK
Thanks, Cal

We have had great results from the Delacet we have sold, however it seems the lice have been very quiet this year in our area. We plan on putting it on our website so we will have it available nationwide
Best regards


I spoke to you a while ago regarding getting some Delacet. You said that it would be available on website in a few weeks. When is this likely to be as I am truly desperate as despite use of hedrin my family of five still have lice I am really concerned that despite my best efforts we may be passing it on.

Regards, J P

Hello. I am a big fan of Delacet and used it when I lived in the UK as well as recently since I moved to the USA. I am a big believer in your product and would like to find out more about Heathpol and Delacet to see if I might be able to help you break into the US market in a stronger way.
Regards, S W

HI there! Please can you tell me where I can purchase Delacet? I have four small children at school, and I am tired of the head lice cycle!
Thanks, Cheers, K C


Quick thank you for extremely prompt delivery of two bottles this week.
I've passed on your contact details and brochure to our local primary school have spoken to our local health visitor, Elsa about Delacet and passed one bottle to a grateful neighbour who struggles with two of her children. Have talked to our head teacher about promoting a nit-busting week where maybe every family in Cromarty could be given Delacet, courtesy of our local PTA.

Such a relief to know that my middle daughter (who is the preferred host in our family) can go to school without the emotional pressure of thinking she's a walking zoo!!

Best wishes, S C

A friend of mine has recommended your product to me as my daughter has a persistent problem with nits,
despite being treated on a regular basis. Where can I purchase your product or is it available via mail order?
Please advise.
Many thanks, A D


looking all over to buy this product. i caught lice in Mexico, I am a teacher and i have dreadlocks! HELP

I really want to save my locks, as they are very special. IS this product still available?

thank you, Shelly

Hello - So pleased to hear that you are still in business! Look forward to using your product again as it does work well.

Regards, R W


Thank you very much for such a speedy reply I am very glad to hear that delacet has not been discontinued and that it will return soon hope all sorts out for the best

Hl G

To whom it may concern,

I am looking with out much success for the product that you company makes called Delacet, I have used it very successfully in the past and have come back to it each time those little pest make their rounds at my childrens school. However, this time I am struggling to find anyone who has stock of this product and in desperation i have turned to you to find out if you are still making it and if and when it will be available again

I have tried other products on the market with very little success hence why i keep returning to Delacet.

Regards, (mother of 3)

Hi there, Have just been into Stroud to buy some Delacet at the local health shop only to be told your product is not available, what a shame it is the only product I've found that works, so good luck, Yours S W

I would like to obtain your product for headlice-i used this some years ago with great success. Could you please tell me how to order please? Thank you, J J

Hi could you please inform me if your fab product is still available? I am keen to use this myself also as an agent to others. I would hope to discus this further Many thanks, J M

Hi there,
Your product is not available until the end of the year we were told by our wholesaler. Is this true? Can it be got directly? It is the only natural one that works, what is the reason for not producing if you don't mind me asking.
Thanks, S T

I am trying to buy some of your product but it seems every site I go has an out of stock notice on it. I hope this is just a short term thing and not long term. Your product is the only thing I know that really works. Can you tell me when it will be back in stock please.
I urgently need some. Thank you, L W

Dear Sirs

You come highly recommended!! Could you please let me know how I go about
ordering this product

I look forward to hearing from you soonest

Thanks and regards, S M

dear sirs

Delacet was recommended on line by an acquaintance as an effective method of ousting the nasty headlice my daughter and i have contracted from someone.
Unfortunately, our contact didn't know of any stockists in DERBY CITY (derbyshire), and i wondered if you could advise please?

Thank you for your time
Regards, G L


We have sold two bottles but unfortunately it was me that bought them for my family. We all used the product as my older son had caught nits from somewhere or other. Delacet worked wonderfully well

Hope all is well there, speak soon, P D

Hi there,

I have dreadlocked hair (unable to comb) and have recently contracted nits. The problem is I am in Brazil and I cant find Delacet anywhere. Could you please tell me if there is anywhere here that stocks it. The next best thing would be to have it sent from the if you know of anyone who could send it from there. If none of these, please tell me the best way I can have some sent here without it costing too much.
Thank you very much for your time and please reply soon, J A

I have recently ordered your product on the internet from Pit Rock in the UK. I live in France. Firstly I would like to say how pleased I am to have come across it. As in the UK we have a major head lice epidemic here in France. My 11 year old daughter has been infected & reinfected since starting nursery school at the age of 3. I have spent a small fortune, together with hours of combing, leading to backache for me & misery for her. The products available here are useless & expensive, as in the UK. I personally believe that it is intentional that these products do not work, as it leads to constant re-treating & re-applying & therefore more profit for the companies that produce them. So I would like to thank you for producing a safe product that actually works.

Secondly, I have a mail order business here in France selling aromatic herbal products. Would I be able to sell/distribute it here in France? If that is possible then I would be very interested in adding it to my catalogue.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Best regards, J E

Dear Sir/Madam

I have been told this is very good for nits but can you tell me where in Sheffield I can buy it from.

Yours sincerely
Mrs B B

Hello, I am really hoping that you can help us. We are desperate to find Delacet here in Canada.
Please advise me if Delacet is available in Toronto, Canada or if you ship here or if it is available anywhere in Ontario Canada. Thanks, Elizabeth

I don’t need to tell you, I’m sure, that Delacet worked! It’s such a relief to have got rid of the lice!
Thanks again. Kind regards, T

Help! I have dreadlocks and have tried many different products to get rid of the lice, but to no avail…Am desperate! How do I order your product and can I get it send express post to Canada? Please let me know! I don’t want to have to cut off my hair! E L,

I work in a large supermarket and a customer recommended that we stock your product. I as a parent with a 7 year old girl am desperate to find a product that combats the problem of head lice and would like to purchase your product unfortunately I don’t know where I can get it could you please send me the details of stockists in Southampton. I look forward to your response. B P

Hi, I desperately need to buy some Delacet I have dreadlocks and other makes from the chemist haven’t worked at all. Please tell me where/how I can buy some. Thank you. Best wishes. Helen

I had never heard of Delacet until someone on a lice chatboard mentioned how well it works. Can it be bought in the US? Lisa


I just want to have this stuff on prescription because my daughter has long thick hair and I cannot afford to keep on buying it - she is regularly re-infected because she goes to a school where not all the parents are as fastidious as me about dealing with the headlice problem.

I know this product is excellent. I leave it on my daughter's hair on for two hours (under a shower cap) and when we rinse it off you can see the dead lice floating down the plug hole - it's just brilliant and that is why I am determined to educate my GP.

kind regards

Where can I get Delacet? I live in London NW3. They have run out for a few weeks now in my local chemist. I’m desperate! Thank you. J C

I need to order right away. How can I do this? How much do I order for a family of 3? P D


I have used your products when I lived in the UK and would be very interested to get some shipped to me in Australia as it is the only product I have ever used on my kids that works for nits. I would also be very interested in being your official supplier in this side of the world if you are still looking. Could you please email me with information of how we could move forward.
Kind regards


I am more than happy to give a testimonial. I am also going to contact the council's nit nurse to tell her about Delacet - might be putting her out of a job!

My son has had head lice off and on for about 10 months. I refused to use the toxic chemicals recommended by the pharmacist. We tried various combinations of essential oils and vinegar rinses but really it came down to combing night and morning to get rid of them. Even then I am not sure we ever got rid of the eggs. Combing is tedious and painful and we all hated it.

I applied Delacet to Callum's hair. It took about half a bottle as his hair is shoulder length and thick. I actually let him sleep with it on as he would have been up too late if we had waited the recommended time before rinsing it off. He washed his hair in the morning. And that was the end of that. I combed through just to check and found no signs of any head lice but Callum said that he knew that they had gone because his scalp was no longer itchy. That was a few weeks ago and he is still clear so I know that any eggs must have been removed as well. The great thing is that if he were to catch head lice again we can get rid of them straight away. I am so impressed with the results of this product. It does exactly what it says on the box!

kind regards,

Pond lillys

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